Hall RFS Recruiting Now

Ever been interested in joining the ACT Rural Fire Service at Hall and didn’t know what to do?


Well Hall RFS is currently recruiting new members, so if you’re interested in volunteering or just want some more information check out the steps below to start your journey with us.


  1. Get in contact with hallfirebrigade@gmail.com  
  2. Come along, meet the brigade, and get a taste of what it is like to be part of Hall Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade
  3. Complete and submit all ACT RFS and Hall membership paperwork with Hall Brigade membership fees
  4. Continue to come to training while you wait for your application to be approved by ACT RFS
  5. Receive ACT RFS paperwork including Personal Protective Equipment order form (to be counter signed by Officers)
  6. Pick up your PPE from ACT RFS Stores
  7. Get registered on www.hallruralfirebrigade.com.au
  8. You are now a Hall RFS member
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